Supporting Marriage Equality

Same Sex Marriage 

No matter what age, no matter what gender, whether we are black, white, red or purple, Love is Love! Everyone deserves happiness. No one can change a person, but a person can be the reason for someone to change. If you have found your person, I would love to share in the magic of your wedding day.

I am a Civil Partnership Notary registered with Queensland Register of Civil Partnership Notaries.

Civil Partnership

A civil partnership may be entered into by couples, regardless of sex.

Legal effect of a civil partnership

A civil partnership is a legally recognised relationship between two adults, regardless of their sex.

Registration of a civil partnership provides both partners with proof of the existence of their relationship. Once civil partners have registered their relationship they do not have to provide any further proof of their relationship. An official standard civil partnership certificate is a legally recognised document.

Great News – Congratulations Australia!

On 9 December 2017, amendments to the Marriage Act 1961 commence to redefine marriage as the ‘union of 2 people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’. The right to marry under Australian law will no longer be determined by sex or gender.

All couples intending to marry must give an authorised celebrant at least one month’s notice prior to the solemnisation of the marriage by completing the Notice of intended marriage form (NOIM).

So beautiful people, please see the ‘frequently asked questions’ or give me a call and I can fill you in. Let’s get married!