A Most Memorable Wedding Ceremony…

You fell in love with an incredible human, you have the ring, the date is set, you’re both euphoric, and hurray you found my site!  Congratulations, you now have the exciting and delightful project of planning your wedding day, which you both want to be effortless.

Currently most couples prefer a modern celebration. You want your day to be unique, memorable, entertaining and as enjoyable as possible. Let the good vibes begin from the moment the guests arrive at your ceremony.

It’s your day….. So let’s plan it your way with a little help from me, your Wedding Celebrant, Jan Leader.  Together we will create a sensational service that engages and entertains everyone.  The mood is then set for the rest of the day, full of fun and romance, because no one enjoys a boring wedding!

If you want an experienced Celebrant with high standards, I can deliver a light hearted, relaxed yet elegant personal service.  It is my aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to your special day.  Whether you’re after a simplistic short and sweet, yet personable ceremony, or a more involved romantic service with symbolic rituals, we can create it with style.

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